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Take the Stairs

Join Us for UMBC Cares…Why Take the Stairs Campaign for the Administration Building
February – September 2017

In light of the elevator repairs in the Admin Building, UMBC has taken advantage of the transition to refresh the Take the Stairs program.  The program will focus on the Admin Building and other buildings on campus are welcome to start similar campaigns. There are many benefits in taking the stairs, including increasing physical fitness, decreasing our energy dependence and freeing up elevators for those who need them.  We encourage participation and would like to highlight the following program details:

  • Campaign open to all faculty, staff and students who use the Admin Building
  • Individual competition for most floors walked every other month (February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September)
  • Grand prizes for individuals who walk the most floors (up or down) over the course of the campaign
  • Free filtered water on the 5th floor
  • Special HR Refresh Station on Wednesdays from 8-9 a.m. for coffee, tea and snacks

Not taking the stairs or need an accommodation?  Contact the ADA Coordinator at 5-5745.


We have developed a tracking system to make it easy for you to track floors walked for the competition.  Please use the Google Form below.  You will be able to submit floors walked up or down multiple times a day.  Please note we are tracking floors walked only in the Admin Building.  We will announce the monthly contest winner based on submissions to tracking system.

Monitoring Your Progress

Looking for ways to keep track of your health and monitor your heart rate? Get the free Instant Heart Rate app for Android here or for Apple here.

Feel free to share the flyer below with your colleagues to encourage participation.

Take the Stairs Kick-Off

Campaign Promotion

Please share the flyer below with your colleagues and encourage participation in taking the stairs when in the Admin Building.