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WIN Rewards

What is the WIN Rewards Program? 

The WIN Rewards (or Wellness Initiative Rewards) Program is a participation-based wellness incentive program that rewards participants for engaging in healthy behaviors in all 5 campus-identified wellness dimensions (Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Nutritional, Physical).

Who Can Participate? 

The WIN Rewards Program is an employee program for campus faculty and staff.

How Does the Program Work? 

Employees who attend various qualifying events and activities on campus will have their red card scanned at each event and be tracked for the program.  After participating in 5 qualifying wellness events, employees will receive a small wellness bundle and be entered into an annual grand prize drawing.  The prize winner will be announced every year in early June. Each year’s program runs from September – June.

What Events and Activities Count as ‘Qualifying’? 

The following events and activities are considered qualifying events for the WIN Rewards Program:


Attend related Wellness Wednesday workshop, meditation hike, campus Eldercare workshop or EAP webinar.


Attend related Wellness Wednesday workshop or participate in the Farmers’ Market semi-monthly transit service.


Attend an HR financial workshop, a related EAP webinar or State of Maryland financial workshop.


Attend related Wellness Wednesday workshop.


Attend related Wellness Wednesday workshop, Retriever Wellness Expo or HR Health Benefits Fair.

You may also attend a related department WIN presentation.  See your department Wellness Ambassador or contact about bringing a short presentation to your next department meeting.