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Nature as Teacher

Nature Based Mindful Practice

June 30, 2020 7:56 AM
An Invitation to Return...

There was a time in human history when each of us was alive and awake to both the beauty and the wisdom of the natural world. A time of awareness where we intuited that what was happening 'outside' was also happening 'inside' each of us. A time when nature was our teacher. The following practices invite you to return and rekindle this inner knowing for the sake of your own well-being, for the sake of our planet and for future generations to come who will inhabit it.

Principles of Mindfulness

Awareness - Paying attention to our attention - how and what we notice
Non-judgement - Our ability to accept experiences as they are without
evaluation or judgment
Peacefulness - Our ability to cultivate a state of peacefulness and equanimity
amidst changing conditions

Pay attention to these principles as you go through each exercise, bringing with you a sense of wakefulness, appreciation, and wonder to each experience.

10. Flower Focus 

Take time to observe a flower. Explore this being through your senses...scent, color, shape, texture, feel. Pay attention to your emotions as you do this.

This PDF was made possible with a grant from Center for Art Design and Visual Culture and Nature Sacred. 
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